Advancing the arts, the environment, and human services through innovative software solutions.
Web-based software systems

IT Resources specializes in web-based software systems for enterprises in the arts, environmental, and human services fields. Using primarily open-source software and advanced web technologies, IT Resources' solutions are fast, powerful, and empowering for demanding users.

A powerful solution requires superior business analytical skills - the ability to deeply understand your enterprise - and the technical skill to reflect that reality in a software model that is flexible and enduring. In addition, a superior solution needs a user interface that is fast, surprisingly innovative, and a pleasing experience for the user.

IT Resources develops software solutions with a passion for these principles.

What's New

IT Resources' flagship product, Home Care IT - a web-based management information system for home health care agencies - continues to attract the attention of the home care industry, winning large accounts, small accounts, and everything in between.